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Today's Best of Vine video pick reminds us why the Kiss Cam is such a beloved part of the mega stadium sports experience.  It's a little bit heart warming to watch people (especially old people, I mean come on) publicly affirming their affection for one another, AND it gives those people their so-called "15 minutes of fame."  Of course, in the age of Vine, 15 minutes seems like an eternity.  It's possible that that particular nugget of Andy Warhol wisdom is ready to be retired in favor of an even shorter duration of infamy (6 seconds of fame anyone?)

But what really hooks me on this vid is the tragic conclusion.  After celebrating a collection of Kiss Cam couples, protagonist Josh Peck is revealed to be sad and alone, with little hope in sight for the kind of joy experienced by the candid camera lovers seen earlier.

Quoth Mother Teresa, "Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty." At least he can have a hot dog
Lovable Holiday hero buddy the elf enters magical back door portal into the mind of actor John Malkovich (looking slightly more "Dr. Xaxier" than I remember) does a fly by past Katherine Keener and is deposited on the side of the highway... probably to make popcorn balls and go caroling.

Yep, I'd say that qualifies as anything can happen.  Great post.
There’s a couple ways you can interpret this awesome post by David Macdonald (recently featured by Mashable.com in their #twoscompany Vine challenge)  When I viewed it for the first time I thought the sassy little number in the red nightie was storming in to join the hot toy on toy action, an interpretation surely born of wishful thinking. 

Upon repeat viewings it’s obvious that Barbie #2 is about to lay a beat down on Barbie #1, and her plastic paramour is just trying to get the camera turned off before blood is spilled.  And who is that guy anyway?  Clearly not Ken, he’s far to manly.  Has Mattel gone and created a Don Draper action figure (feelings of self loathing and self destructive tendencies sold separately). 

Anyway you slice it, this is kinky Vine magic at it’s injection moulded what the fuck best.

When searching out the VVPOTD I sometimes go straight for the obvious.  It’s Too Cute Tuesday, just search #cute / find adorable [baby/cat/old person/ et al] / post / rinse / repeat.

Sometimes however these searches lead down a perverse rabbit hole, resulting in selections like the one I found today.  This post from Gordon Ramsey (not the UK Culinary rage-aholic, he spells his name “Ramsay”, by the by), this post is the fruit of the hashtag “cute2me”.  

Well, this speaks volumes about Gordon’s state of mind, or it’s a complete perversion of the word “cute.”  But hey, there’s still a cat involved, so enjoy! 

Ah, Animation Monday.  Vine has become a veritable treasure chest of 6 second mini-masterpieces when it come to stop motion.  Today’s post by Artismia may be one of the most elaborate I’ve seen yet.

Make that posts, because I’m including a trilogy that spins a familiar tale of science gone horribly wrong.  This mad scientist is rocking kind of a Ron Pearlman meets Tom Waites vibe.  And while this Igor looks less Marty Feldman and more Ed Asner than I’d personally prefer, it’s all none-the-less brilliant.

I don't know if this qualifies as a classic loop (seamless seque from beginning to end is kind of the gold standard for me personally when it comes to looping) but it's so immeasurably badass that I wave my petty parameters.  The make-up alone is outstanding, but the "scrolling through Lightroom [I think it's Lightroom anyway]" animation technique is perfect.  I don't know if Meagan Marie is the model, the make-up artist, or the Viner (perhaps all three) but kudos to all involved.  
This may seem a needlessly aggressive, but fuck Famous Amos.

Not to be unfair to Kari, a lot of people like Famous Amos cookies, but here's the thing.  About a year ago I heard a radio interview with Shawn Amos, youngest son of the aforementioned Famous Amos (real name Wally by the by).  Shawn is a successful singer, songwriter, web producer and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles.  Despite all of these accomplishments, he spent most of the interview talking about how Famous Amos was, while an accomplished cookie salesman, basically a crap-ass dad.  Ever since then I've been a Chips Ahoy man.  And I urge you all to switch.  Just sayin'.

Like all great horror films, what impresses me most about this is that we DON'T see the poor piece of pumpernickel burst into flame.  That is left to the imagination.  As are the circumstances that led to this perverse instance of bread on bread violence.

One things's for sure, the little guy running this Toastchwitz death camp sure seems pleased with himself.
OK, as previously mentioned at some great length, there is no shortage of cat videos on Vine.  The internet as a whole practically seems designed to act as a massive feline PR machine.

But this... this surreal consortium of cat close-ups looks like it was cribbed from a cast-off David Lynch nightmare.  We're just one midget and a cup of coffee away from a Twin peaks moment.

What the fuck Big Red... what the fuck indeed.